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Increase PHP memory limit in WordPress

The question - I have a WordPress blog and in wp-admin, I see an error that allowed memory size of n bytes exhausted. How do I fix this? There is a simple solution to this problem - increase the memory limit in wp-config.php! The file wp-config.php is located in the root directory of the wordpress [...]


How to restore blogroll and links widget in WordPress?

The links and blogroll functionality has vanished from WordPress. I spent the last half an hour on trying to find a way to restore the blog roll feature on my WordPress installation but without success. Finally I stumbled upon this article that explains that WordPress has removed the blog roll (links widget) functionality from WordPress [...]


Installing WordPress can be a challenge to users not familiar with basic web hosting fundamentals. In this post I will try to explain how to install WordPress without tears. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and CMS. According to W3Cook, WordPress is used on 52% of sites that use a content management system. WordPress [...]