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Which is faster – OpenDNS or Google Public DNS?

OpenDNS and Google public DNS are two options users have for DNS resolution on their home computers. These are in addition to the DNS servers that an ISP provides. The obvious advantage of using OpenDNS and Google DNS is speed. These servers are considerably faster than the ISP's DNS servers and are full of several [...]


What are some free FTP tools?

FTP or file transfer protocol is a very useful protocol for transferring files between your local computer and your server. FTP works on TCP port 21 and is used to transfer small and large files across the network. FTP has its own set of primitives like get and put if used by the command prompt. On [...]


How to change to OpenDNS or Google DNS on Windows 7?

OpenDNS and Google public DNS are two options that users have to change their DNS to from their ISP's DNS service. In most cases, the ISP's DNS servers are quite sufficient. However, OpenDNS and Google public DNS sometimes offer a faster DNS resolution. DNS or domain name system is a protocol that allows you to [...]