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How to append current date to a file name on Linux?

The question is - I am creating a backup bash shell script using tar and gz and I need to automatically append the current date and time to the file name. Is there a Linux command that can be used to do this? The Linux command that can get the current date and time is [...]


The question - how to exclude certain files from my tar file when I am creating an archive of a backup of my file system? I need tar to ignore all readme.* files. Is there an option to do this? The tar command is very useful to create an archive of a directory on Linux. [...]


How to backup an entire directory on Linux?

The question - I have a large directory with several sub-directories. Is there a way to backup the entire directory recursively into a file which I can store on another file system? There are two commands that are helpful in this case. The first one is called tar and the second is called gzip. The command [...]