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How to fix reCaptcha error – Input Error Invalid Referer

The question – I just installed the reCaptcha WordPress plugin and entered my public and private keys. On loading pages of my site, I don’t see the recaptcha form but I see “Input Error Invalid Referer” error message. How to fix this?

There is a very simple reason for this error. The referrer that the error message talks about is your site which is not authorized to use the keys that you entered. Each key is generated for a particular domain name. You must generate a new key for the new domain name or generate a global key.

If you generate a key specific to the domain name, that public and private keys will work only for that domain name.

If you generate a global key, it will work on all domain names.

So just login to the reCaptcha account and generate a new key! This will definitely solve the error and the recaptcha form will start appearing on your WordPress comment forms…!

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