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How do I check Bind zone file for errors?

Question – I added a few zones to my Bind zone files. I need to check them for errors. How do I do that?

There is a Bind utility called named-checkzone which can be used to check Bind named zone files.

The syntax for using this tool is as follows:

named-checkzone domainname zonefilename

For example, I want to check the zone file for ewhathow.com:

root@server [/etc]# named-checkzone ewhathow.com /var/named/ewhathow.com.db
zone ewhathow.com/IN: loaded serial 2013082103

So the zone file is free from errors!

Now if there is an error in the zone file, it will output messages saying that there is a syntax error:

root@server [/etc]# named-checkzone ewhathow.com /var/named/ewhathow.com.db
dns_master_load: /var/named/ewhathow.com.db:2: unexpected end of line
dns_master_load: /var/named/ewhathow.com.db:1: unexpected end of input
zone ewhathow.com/IN: loading from master file /var/named/ewhathow.com.db failed: unexpected end of input
zone ewhathow.com/IN: not loaded due to errors.

If you get an error like the above, please open the zone file in an editor and fix the syntax errors.

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