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CentOS – How do I update all packages with the latest patches and updates?

Question – I have a CentOS box and I would like to patch and update all security and other updates of all applications on my Linux machine. Is there a command that can do this?

On CentOS/RedHat/Fedore machines, there is an RPM manager tool called yum. This package can be used to update or patch all tools and applications on the machine.

A single command can do all the udpates:

yum update

The above command will check which packages and modules are available for updates and update all of them automatically. All you have to say is yes! It is highly recommended that you keep your machine updated with the latest security patches for a secure and smooth experience. Sometimes, if you have not updated your system for months, some packages may not even get installed because of dependencies on newer versions of other packages.

Keep your system udpated using yum!

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